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How To Apply
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Process and criteria:

We receive applications on a continual basis and do not structure open calls thematically, geographically, or otherwise. Local and international artists are encouraged to apply. The application form can be found below.

When selecting residents, our readers consider:

– How each applicant’s work would interact with the breadth of the program

– How the applicants and their practices might complement each other

– Whether the application materials are exceptionally compelling

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What the residency offers:

All of our studio spaces are private and benefit from natural light. The studios are all equipped with alarm systems, heat and WiFi.

Once at Callie’s, each resident’s initiative and interests will shape their experience. Staff is available to facilitate with introductions, studio visits, sourcing materials, and navigating the city. Callie’s encourages conversation by organizing periodic informal gatherings. Residents may choose to engage with the public, conduct workshops, or develop programming.

Financial support for costs associated with the residency may be available depending on specific needs. Visiting artists may request to stay in one of our on-site micro-apartments.

If you have questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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Submitting your application:

To apply to be a resident at Callie’s please send the completed application form as well as your portfolio and your CV in a single email to:

If you work in video, sound, writing or another media that cannot be represented by photographs, we encourage you to include video links, writing samples, or anything that might be helpful for us when reviewing your application.

Please limit your email to 10MB in size. If your attachments total over 10MB please use or a Google drive link to send your materials; do not send multiple emails.

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