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RM, founded in Geneva, Switzerland, 2015.

RM is an artist duo founded in Geneva in 2015. RM’s ethos embraces the spirit of bootlegs and knock-offs: the project brands itself as “a marketable counterfeit commodity.” The subversion of normative modes of authorship begins with their name, which is a playful appropriation of the highly lucrative Spanish football team. Within their practice, RM deftly employs various types of media to critique dominant culture with humor and irony.

For the 2019 group exhibition United by AIDS at the Migros Museum in Zurich, RM obliquely commemorated analog modes of sexual development and identification. The installation IT’S MY PARTY AND I’LL DIE IF I WANT TO (2019) abstracts the form of a sidewalk kiosk. The mise en scène unfolds through a series of sculptural allusions and clues, from Cadbury’s “Time Out” chocolate bars to an empty magazine stand; together, the elements invoke a palpable sense of loss. According to the artists: “which adolescent never stood in front of that corner where the erotic magazines are?” In a bifurcated world increasingly mediated by screens, memorializing these spaces speaks to more than nostalgia. RM creates a scenography of contemporary dispossession and the loss of innocence in the face of late-stage capitalism. By employing familiar aesthetics, the artists invite a sense of intimacy that foregrounds the collective experience.

While in residence at Callie’s, RM prepared the exhibition Postoristoro, which opened in May 2021 at the Centre Culturel Suisse (CCS) in Paris.

The artist duo RM was founded in 2015 in Geneva. Their work has been exhibited in private and public institutions such as Quadriennale Roma, GAK (Bremen), Migros Museum (Zurich), Auto Italia South East (London), ICA Milano, Centre d’Art Contemporaine Geneva, Plymouth Rock (Zurich), Truth and Consequences (Geneva), Les Urbaines (Lausanne). Soon they will exhibit at the Centre d'édition Contemporaine in Geneva and Swiss Institute in New York (2022). In 2018 they were artists in residence at FAAP Sao Paulo and ProHelvetia Johannesburg, and in 2017 at Goethe Institute Vila Itororò (Sao Paulo). They received a Swiss Art Award in 2018 and are nominated for the 2021 edition, and were finalists for the BNP Paribas Prize in 2017. In 2020 they were residents fellows of the Instituto Svizzero in Rome, and in May 2021 they opened a solo exhibition at CCS in Paris. RM live and work between Geneva and Berlin.