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Tintin Patrone:
Bucolica .exe
Saturday, April 30, 2022 5 PM

On April 30, 2022, Callie’s will host the world premiere of Tintin Patrone’s performance Bucolica .exe, followed by a performance program curated by Patrone, featuring works by artists André Mulzer, Martina Wegener, and Frédéric Ehlers.

While in residence at Callie’s, Patrone has been developing a new performance inspired by the mountainous idyll of the Swiss Alps and one of its most famous inhabitants, the fictitious character “Heidi.” Patrone’s Bucolica. exe explores the relationships between ruralism and nationalism, questioning common-held idealizations of a pastoral lifestyle by investigating how it forms identity, and touching upon the recent resurgence of völkisch—ethno-nationalist ideologies in Germany.

Bucolica. exe juxtaposes self-built musical instruments—sculptural work that the artist refers to as “sound objects”—with future-oriented technologies such as 3D holograms and a singing goat robot. It is the third chapter of Patrone’s performance when you and your goat find bread.

The evening will reflect the most important tenets of Patrone’s practice: experimentation and collaboration. Tintin Patrone, André Mulzer, Martina Wegener, and Frédéric Ehlers will present their own work as well as participate in one another’s performances.

And Performances by André Mulzer, Martina Wegener, and Frédéric Ehlers

Saturday, April 30th, 5pm

5 to 5.30pm – André Mulzer aka Crack Belly Crystal Death: Fantasy-Verily-Rap-Land

5.45 to 6.15pm – Monte Veggità, a performance by Martina Wegener and Frédéric Ehlers

6.30 to 7.20pm – Tintin Patrone: Bucolica .exe

Please register online in advance using the form below. Registration on-site is possible, capacity permitting.

Kindly note that this event follows 2G+ rules. Please bring proof of vaccination as well as one of the following: a negative Covid test from the past 24 hours; proof of recovery from Covid; or proof of booster.

Wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory inside the venue.