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Poetry Reading
Tracy Fuad:
reading & book launch
Tuesday, November 23, 2021 7 PM

Join Callie’s writer-in-residence Tracy Fuad at a.p. on November 23rd for the Berlin launch of Fuad’s debut collection of poetry about:blank. On this occasion, Fuad will read a selection of poems from the volume, followed by a discussion of her practice with poet and manager of a.p. Elijah Jackson.

Tracy Fuad’s poetics emerge from an interrogation of language’s production and reproduction across varying media and tongues. Combining phrases culled from the online landscape, like Yelp reviews, chatroom snippets, and ad jargon, Fuad enacts the noise of the internet, utilizing a host of analog and algorithmic processes to stitch, tear, recombine, and recreate. Her writing is at once complex yet inviting, cold yet warm, incisive yet humorous; and perhaps above all, it begs the question: can the speech-act contained within poetry render digital language physical?

about:blank was selected by Claudia Rankine as the winner of the Donald Hall Prize for Poetry, a yearly competition held by the University of Pittsburgh Press. Written before and after the author’s move to Iraqi Kurdistan, the text belies the author’s relentless absorption of lingual stimuli, and her desire to constantly reappraise language’s substance. Rankine said of the volume: “Like the course of a life, not every moment in this innovative collection yields to its reader; but about:blank’s collective force trembles with formal brilliance and originality.”

This event follows 2G+ rules.

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Lindower Strasse 20, 13347 Berlin

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About Tracy Fuad.