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Rosa Barba & Boudry / Lorenz: Premieres
Sunday, June 20, at 22:00 and 23:30

Callie’s will host the world premiere of Rosa Barba’s performance Voice Engine and the German premiere of Boudry / Lorenz’s film (No)Time. This co-presentation, which will conclude their residencies at Callie’s, has been conceived by the artists as a duet. The premieres will unfold on the summer solstice, occupying the short hours of night preceding the longest day of the year.

Voice Engine is emblematic of Barba’s experimental approach to film: it is a monumental new performance work that reconceives the relationship between cinema, the body, and the voice. Set amidst analogue projectors and suspended glass panels, Voice Engine is activated by choral singers. As the vocalists perform a new composition by Rosa Barba with music by Max Knoth, their voices reach frequencies that trigger the projectors’ shutters to open. The human voice thus ignites the films—and light, sound and image interact in unforeseeable ways.

Premiering for the first time in Germany, Boudry / Lorenz’s new film (No) Time captures performers as they move according to a choreography influenced by hip-hop, contemporary dance, and drag performance, pushing limitations of slowness and rehearsing a queer time disassociated from capitalist notions of progress. Electric blinds and motorized doors define a space for these physical explorations, as the body interacts with the movements of our automated world.

Location: Callie’s courtyard

Registration is required using the form below.

Please note that the events start promptly at 22:00 and 23:30. Please arrive 30 minutes in advance to allow time on-site to check your registration.

1st slot (22:00-23:00)

“(No) Time” – 22:00
“Voice Engine” – 22:30

“(No) Time” – 23:00

2nd slot (23:30 - 00:30)

“(No) Time” – 23:30
“Voice Engine” – 00:00

Voice Engine is commissioned by the International Film Festival Rotterdam and supported by Callie’s.

It features Eleni Poulu, Eric D. Clark, Kathleen Clancy, Swantje Stein, Fabienne Krause, Michael Plundrich, and Stefan Schieffer.