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Isusu Ffena: Pan-Afrikan Festival
Sunday August 27 - Saturday Sept 5, 2020

Callie’s has teamed up with Isusu Ffena to host the second annual Pan-Afrikan Festival

About Isusu Ffena:

Isusu Ffena which translates to “us together” is a series of events centred around Afrikan and Afropean ideas. We work towards blending more experimental and unique ways to be a diverse platform for minority and queer narratives. From panel discussions, exhibitions to live music performances, Isusu Ffena embodies the rich diversity of Afrikan creatives. Through this multiplicity we aspire to stretch the understanding of creation to the realms of expression, philosophy and discussion.

As a setting for empowerment, solidarity and networking among Afrikans, Isusu Ffena is an educational platform aimed not only at those of Afrikan descent but at everyone ready and willing to engage. As the content in Isusu Ffena is shaped by personal experiences the audience is urged to come bearing in mind the intimate nature of the topics and the sensitivity required to engage meaningfully. Through sharing narratives of confidence, creativity, learning and sexuality we hope to make our mark in the German society through inspiring others to have similar conversations within their own communities.

Please register for events on the Isusu Ffena website.