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Interior view of one of the ground floor spaces. Photo by Andrea Garzotto.

Housed in a former machine factory in the neighborhood of Wedding, Callie’s facilities include flexible studio and exhibition spaces, a movement studio with a professional-grade sprung dance floor; a sound studio for rehearsals, recording, workshops, and events; and a dedicated writing room.

Artists-in-residence are given private studio space and on-site accommodation if needed.

Group 3
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The micro-apartments at Callie’s provide modestly-sized on-site accommodation to participants in the residency program. The three micro-residences are furnished with handmade and custom elements, creating a warm atmosphere that is distinct to each apartment.

The layout of each apartment is arranged on two levels, which are connected by an alternating staircase designed by Studio Mieke Meijer, Rotterdam. An oak seating area on the lower level is furnished with handmade horsehair mattresses by Berlin-based artisan Daniel Heer; the blaudruck indigo fabric was hand-dyed by Dürerhaus in Erfurt for Callie’s, using original Bauhaus printing blocks from the 1920s. Floor-to-ceiling curtain panels were handmade by Los Angeles-based artist-designer Adam Pogue.

The size of each micro-apartment is approximately 17m2. Apartments include: a natural latex mattress (140 x 200cm), all-natural bedding, private bathroom with a shower, fully equipped kitchen with an induction stovetop, wireless internet access, access to on-site laundry, and elevator access.

The micro-apartments each include a library with books selected specifically for the residents of Callie’s by international artists including: Roni Horn, Lawrence Weiner, Pierre Huyghe, Hiroshi Sujimoto, Camille Henrot, and more.

Group 3
The Library

The micro-apartment library assembles books that have been recommended by artists specifically for Callie’s artists-in-residence.

All of the micro-apartments contains an identical library, and one edition is accessible to residents who are not staying the apartments.

Books were recommended by:
Darren Bader
Rosa Barba
Anna-Sophie Berger
Candice Breitz
Dora Budor
Cevdet Erek
Camille Henrot
Carmen Herrera
Roni Horn
Pierre Huyghe
Isabel Lewis
Adam Linder
Victor Man
Lucy McKenzie
Nicole Miller
Shahryar Nashat
Ana Prvački
Martha Rosler
Jeremy Shaw
Daniel Steegmann Mangrane
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Frieda Toranzo Jaeger
Adrian Villar Rojas
Lawrence Weiner
Group 3

Special thanks to our collaborators for the micro-apartments:

Studio Mieke Meijer
Adam Pogue
Heer, Berlin
Commune Design
TREE Italia
Louie Rigano
Ilias Lefas
Shore Rugs
Dürerhaus, Erfurt

With support from dormiente GmbH